Travis Carelock

ENGINEER - IR & Special Ops, TSS Group at SoundCloud

I have a particular focus on Information Security, and continually engage in learning new concepts, designs, and technologies. I specialise in playing “Defense”, and am currently excited about researching the intersection of security and high scale, agile environments. I maintain deep connections within the Information Security community, which give me a wealth of experiences and ideas to draw upon when encountering new and difficult challenges. My goal is to join highly motivated teams and interesting projects which spur professional, as well as personal, development.

I am trying to enjoy speaking to audiences about Defense. But, that is going to take more practice.

Core focuses:

  • Extremely broad knowledge of IT and Security Technologies with a focus on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
  • Scale Environments
  • Enterprise Security Architecture and DevOps
  • Network and Host Forensic Analysis
  • Network, Infrastructure and Systems Administration
  • Public Speaking, and Knowledge exchange
  • CISSP, CEH, IEEE Member

Full resume.

Berlin, du bist so Wunderbar!


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